There is a maximum of 10 participants per instructor at all Camps4you courses. Please pay special attention to the the information supplied by the provider of your language travel of choice. Oftentimes there are no concrete details provided concerning the maximum number of pupils per teacher. Instead, average or approximated class sizes are often given.

There are key advantages to being accommodated at a hotel or at the college over staying with a host family.

1) Firstly, we can provide you with exact details regarding the camp accommodation before registering. Before even booking a camp, you can see what the accommodation facilities for each location look like.

2) A further advantage concerns the safety of the students. By staying at a hotel or at Ratcliffe College, the often long and unsupervised journey from host family to class, as well as to excursions and the afternoon and evening activities can be eliminated. It is not uncommon for children to spend about 2 hours a day commuting to and from the host family's home.

3) The course instructors live together with the students and are therefore available to the students around the clock, always ready to help.

4) At our courses all students receive the same high-quality food 3 times a day. This is not always fulfilled when staying with a host family, as lunch in this case is often given to the students in the form of a packed lunch and is usually no substitute for a full meal.

5) Our 4-star hotel and private college maintain excellent hygienic conditions, which cannot always be guaranteed with homestays.

6) You know how many students share a room. With homestays, no details can be given before registering for a course and being assigned to a family. Unfortunately during the summer holidays some course locations can become overbooked due to a lack of host families.

7) The students can take advantage of the hotel's/college's leisure facilities for free.

8) Care is provided around the clock by our course instructors. The instructors can monitor the children personally in the evening.

9) The quality of the course is equal for all participants. One does not need to have "good luck" to get a good homestay family; the quality of the accommodation is guaranteed to be exactly as advertised in the booking documents.

Since 2005 there has been a catalogue of regulations for language travel providers. This catalogue dictates what information the customer should receive prior to booking a course, such as information about the lessons, the accommodation, and above all about the care and supervision. These requirements are available to everyone and are independently monitored by the Austrian Standards Institute and the Ministry of Education. It is up to each company to allow themselves to be monitored according to these criteria and thus to offer customers the security of a tested language travel experience. We would be happy to provide you with the details of the criteria.

After your booking you will receive a booking confirmation. The deposit is 160 Euro (100 for courses in Austria). If you have booked the cancellation protection (39/59 Euro) it will be charged with the first payment. 

This is a very important point. The free time activities are equaly important as the classroom based lessons. It is of great impot´rtance that the staff only speaks english with the students. At Camps4you we only use german in emergency situations. That way the english language can be lived and improved all day long.

This is dependent on the location of the course. In Seckau there are 2-bed to 4-bed rooms available; in England there are 1-bed, 2-bed, and some 3-bed rooms (3 beds only at the express request of the students); in Malta accommodation is available in 3-bed rooms unless a 2-bed room is expressly requested, surcharges apply. In Ireland the students live in 1 and 2-bed rooms. Participants are of course separated according to gender.

For students between the ages 10 to about 15 years we recommend the camps in Austria. Seckau is the perfect introduction to get to know the Camps4you courses. The children are close to home, but are still attending a high quality English course.

We recommend England for ages 12 to 18. The school offers a safe environment for the younger students and the older students have the opportunity to have an amazing time in England through our excursions and leisure activities programme.

Malta and Ireland is recommended for ages 14 and up. The kids have the opportunity to sign out with a course leader and have some free time exploring Mellieha / Galway unsupervised. For this reason a minimum age of 14 is required.

The children receive around-the-clock care. In Seckau and England the parents also have the opportunity to request that their children never be left unsupervised, even during excursions. We attach great importance to the timely bedtime of the participants, so that they are able to be fully present during the morning lessons. Not to worry, the fun aspect of the course is not neglected.

Alcohol is absolutely not allowed at any Camps4you course. If the ban on alcohol is violated, the parent(s) will be immediately informed and the student(s) will receive a warning. Should further consumption of alcohol take place, the student(s) will be immediately sent home at expense of the parent(s).

Off course your kid can bring along the mobile phone but we dont want them during lessons.

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